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Module 2: Find Companies to License Your Product

Learn how to find companies to license your product - licensees.

You are seeking manufacturers to license your invention.

Retailers distribute and sell products but do not manufacture or license inventions.


  1. jbinvent.design@gmail.com says:

    Excellent information. How do you find those company reports?

    Thanks Aklan.

    1. abadmin says:

      Sorry, John, You see I haven’t been monitoring this very well. A simple place to find annual reports is http://www.annualreports.com – just plug in the company name and it should pull up annual reports for you.
      There are other sites for that, as well, but annualreports.com seems easy to use.

  2. scottwgodfrey@gmail.com says:

    Great Information on the video and from Barbra Pitts!!

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