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Module 1: Sizing Up the Competition

How to research competitive products and know their strengths and weaknesses.

It is absolutely essential that you:
  • Create a list of key competitors
  • Create a competitive grid of your product versus theirs
  • From this you will create your USPUnique Selling Proposition



  1. jbinvent.design@gmail.com says:

    This was very informative and surely a great benefit to know from the start.

    Thanks Alan.

  2. scottwgodfrey@gmail.com says:

    Very Good with a lot of valued information!!


    This has added to my growing knowledge base. I appreciate the emphasis on building a strong foundation in preparation to presenting to manufacturers. It has prompted me to think about my product from the manufacturers point of view.

  4. Julie Kalish says:

    Knowing your point of differentiation is one the most important aspects of your pitch. This grid allows you to easily determine it.

    1. abadmin says:

      Julie, thanks for the feedback. Definitely helpful.

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