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Intro Module – Watch This First!

Intro to Land Your License Deal

Please watch the Intro Module first. It gives you the layout for the entire course, tells you what you will learn how to do and what will be your outcome from completing the course.


  1. inventitious@gmail.com says:

    Good Intro… Headed to Module 1.

    1. abadmin says:

      Thanks. Sorry for the late reply back.

  2. jbinvent.design@gmail.com says:

    Wonderful start!

    1. abadmin says:

      Sorry for the very late response. Thanks.

  3. moorecatrice6@gmail.com says:

    Great intro it gives me confidence!

    1. abadmin says:

      Confidence is good!

  4. Julie Kalish says:

    Grateful you’ve created a logical structure. Knowing how to proceed step by step will save time, money and frustration.

    1. abadmin says:

      Thank you!

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